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کانون زندانیان سیاسی ایران

كميته بين المللى عليه اعدام


کميته بين المللى عليه سنگسار


زندانی سياسی  آزاد بايد گردد   


خاوران تنها گورستان دسته جمعی ايران نيست؛ شناخته ترين آنهاست



We have organized this protest action today in solidarity with hundreds of thousands of families of the political prisoners who were massacred by the Iranian Islamist regime, notably in the summer of 1981 and again in the summer of 1988. In our way of thinking, an injury to a single member of humanity is an injury to all civilized humanity, that is, an injury to all humans whose conscience seeks freedom and equality. We have therefore come here today to tell you about the fate of the people living under the regime of Islamic Republic of Iran.


For almost thirty years the Iranian regime has responded to the people’s just, human demands only in the language of execution, torture, imprisonment, and a whole catalog of other crimes against humanity. There are now, as we speak, hundreds of labour, student, teacher, political, women’s rights, etc. activists held captive by the regime, among whom several are on the death row.


The Islamic regime cannot, for obvious reasons, prolong its corrupt existence except by resorting to suppression in ever-increasing terroristic forms, execution, and political imprisonment. The immediate abolition of the death penalty and the immediate release of all political prisoners in Iran, i.e., the fundamental demands of this assembly, cannot therefore be met except through a radical overthrow of the murderous regime. However, there have been instances so far in which the force of solidarity of freedom loving people across the world has wakened the public opinion to the realities of imminent executions in Iran, including stoning to death. As a result, the execution sentences have been overturned in a few cases. That will be possible in the future also.


Thus we appeal to all freedom loving individuals and organizations to demand, in solidarity with us, the following:


1- The authorities of Islamic Republic be tried at international courts for crimes against humanity, in general, and the massacre of thousands of political prisoners in 1980s, in particular.


2- The death penalty, being, indeed, premeditated murder by the state, be immediately abolished in Iran. In particular, all the death sentences that may be executed any day in the case of the following individuals be overturned immediately and unconditionally:

Farzad Kamangar, Farhad Vakili, Ali Heydariyan, Hivaa Butimaar, Anvar Hoseynpanaahi, Adnaan Hasanpur and Habibollaah Latifi


3- All political prisoners be immediately and unconditionally released.


4- The murderers of Zahra Kazemi, Iranian-Canadian journalist killed under interrogation in Iran, be tried at an international court.


5- The embassies of the Islamic regime of Iran, which has ruled for three decades, employing all forms of terroristic oppression on a daily basis against the people of Iran, as well as the world, be globally closed down as official representatives of the regime of organizing crimes against humanity.


Khaavaraan Society




Supporting parties and organizations:


Iranian Socialist Unity – Montreal

Persian Cultural Association - National Capital Region - Ottawa

Communist Party of Iran – Canada

Communist Party of Iran (MLM) – Canada

Worker-communist Party of Iran – Eastern Canada Organization

Afghan-Iranian March 8th Women’s Organization

Free Iranian Cinema

Society for Literature and Arts

People's Libration Organization of Afghanistan (SAMA)

Committee for Struggle to Free Political Prisoners – Canada chapter

Committee for the Commemoration of the Victims of the Killings during 1980s – Montreal

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Solidarity; International Federation of Iranian refugees – Canada chapter

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